Wednesday, December 29, 2010

37 weeks and things!

Ok here are some updates and family pictures!

Here is the baby blanket I knitted and laying on top is the onsie tie project that was easy, but took me forever to get done! Very happy with both.

We almost didn't get Ty and Ambyr in the picture...

But they caught up with us! P.S. don't have guys take the picture, poor Grace is totally hidden.

Here I am at 36.5 weeks. He is big!

It was nice to see Angela and Desiree!

Monday, December 6, 2010

30 weeks

I'm almost to 34 weeks now but I wanted to make sure I got my 30th week documented. Greg and I just went to our birthing class and it was great! I feel like it helped me put my birth into perspective, so it seems bearable. Greg knows all the little relaxing techniques, and I can't wait to put that to good use. I feel good because I solidified my birth plan, but I know that things can change and now I know where they might change and why. I'm still very nervous, but I feel a little better and I know I get a cute little guy on the other end of this! So I would reccommend a birthing class to everyone out there considering. Even Greg thought it was worth it!
I also wanted to share a little of our Thanksgiving. We had such a spiritually uplifting time with the family and made lasting memories. Ed and Jayne are starting their adventure in the Dominican Republic, and I'm so excited for them. We are so glad we got to spend time with them before they headed out, and can't wait till we can see them again. They are such wonderful parents and members of the church. They are great examples to Greg and I, and will be to our baby boy. We love and will miss them deeply.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Baby Shower!

Well I'm at 30 weeks now and my wonderful sister-in-law Ambyr, threw me a shower, with the help of my other sister-in -law, Allyson. Here are a few of the pictures.

Here is my mom and I, She did a lot for the shower as well.

This is one of my childhood friends Connie, She was so sweet to me and to my big belly! All the decor in the background was sewn by my sis-in -law, amazing!

So since I'm having a little man Ambyr's sister Hannah found these great mustaches for all our guests to take pictures in to celebrate my little man. I think we make these mustaches look good!

Tere, Ambyr's mom, Love her!

I don't know how Ben got in there, and his looks totally fake! : )

my mom and I

These are the two responsible for the cutest shower!

It was absolutley adorable and so sweet of them both, Love you guys!
P.S. I got the stomach bug that night and had to go to the ER to get fluids in me! terrible, but I'm much better now. At least the shower was great!

Monday, October 18, 2010

26 Weeks

Ok I'm just trying to be good about documenting the pregnancy, its not all about me! The baby is doing well and moving a lot! he has strong movements and it still makes me laugh everytime. Greg is amazed with how my tummy keeps getting bigger, and he is so helpful and sweet. I love it!

Besides getting faint a few times here and there (and in the doctor's office) I'm doing well. Greg is doing well too. His hours are still long, but I still get to see him every night; what a wonderful husband I have. He's such a hard worker!
Next post I'll show my knitt baby blanket I'm working on, and the cute things my mom got for the baby, for a great price!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Boy or Girl?

Greg and I are having a BOY!! We are very excited for this little guy. I think he'll be a handful cause when the ultra sound tech would poke down on him he would kick and punch back; oh man! Iguess whatever mother's instict I have was right ( I really had no clue, its a 50/50 guess people)
Anyway, the ultra sound was amazing and everything is developing nicely which makes me very happy.
Now we have the task of pick out a name, which is fun, but hard.
Thanks for all the guesses, it was fun, and the very nice comments!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

19 weeks!

Well I thought I would put up my first bump shot for anyone who cares! Mostly its for my own record keeping. (And I included a picture of Greg and his new kobe shoes he got for his birthbay)
I'm not getting too sick anymore, but my stomach always feels like its churnning. Now I get heartburn, and a huge appetite! I felt the baby move a week ago, and it was so crazy to me. It was a hard kick or elbow and it made me jolt my leg. I know I'm going to have a fighter; he/she will be a tough one. It really is a miracle happening in there!

We will find out on September 2nd what we are having! So this is all I can think about right now! If you have any guesses leave a comment!

Either way I will be a happy momma!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Well well well

So I have no fun cute way of announcing this, so I'll come out and just say it! Greg and I are expecting a baby, and we are very excited about it! We joined the "summer pregnancy class of 2010" because as you reading this I'm sure you're thinking of ten other people who are also having babies. Anyways we are about 12 weeks along, and our due date is January 16th.
I've been getting night time nausea, but haven't thrown up yet (knock on wood) and I'm just very tired. Cravings include: El super burrito, avacado and all fruit! I can't stand popcorn, honey, and saltines.
Greg wants a boy, I want a healthy baby and I have no inclining as to what we are having. I am leaning towards a boy; we'll see.
No pictures yet, since I just have an awkward pouch at the moment.
We found out the same day Greg got his new job offer, so we had to let everything soak in! I think its finally hitting both of us we going to have a little one, and we are overwhelmed!
So there you go, another baby story, and it's all ours.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

On the road again

Yes we are moving to San Francisco! It all happened so fast. Greg got a new job with UBS in the city (He's very excited about it). And I'm very happy to with my family! We are moving next week and until then we will enjoy beautiful Southern California.
More posts to come, but it will be a little since I still have all my packing to do!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hey hey!

I don't know what to say in the title. Anyways man I feel like time has been flying by. I've been exhauted with working at 24 hour, but I love the free membership. Our gym is known for the spin and yoga classes, and they are awesome!
Greg's Birthday is on Saturday, and just wanted say I love him and happy birthday!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Marriage Season Part Deux

Just forgot some cute pics of the Swapp girls!
We had a fun time.

The beginning of this post is down at the bottom and this dumb computer won't let me move it, and I'm not typing it again! Enjoy...

This is the Sam boy, he is big and full of love.

Madaline and Ella are so cute, they cracked me up the whole trip.

Greg was loving little Max, he has a little buddy to play ball with now.

love those girls!

this is Lance and Mai, the happy couple!

She is also wearing her highest heels too, and still has at a foot of clearance!

this is her imeadiate family, she has eight brothers and sisters and
lots of cute nieces and nephews.

Da boys!

Cute little Ella and handsome uncle Greg!

Speaking of weddings we went to Utah recently for Greg's little brother's wedding. We went a few days earlier so we could spend some much needed time with the Swapp family. We were all there together finally! Greg and I got pretty attached to our darling nieces and nephews. We did fun things like rock climbing, Ella was a champ, and Ashley and I didn't do too bad ourselves. I didn't get pictures of the reception, but it was a blast and we even got to see Ben and Allyson,. such fun. Mostly we loved all the family time we had together as we celebrated such a happy time.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Marriage season

Two weeks ago my best friend, from back home, got engaged, and I was there! I was suppose to pick her up at LAX and then I got a phone call from her fiance an hour before her flight, telling me hes going to propose at the airport! So I'm rushing down there and barely make it. I was the picture taker and snapped a classic shot of her face as she saw the poster, coming down from the escalator! Those pictures are on facebook, but I got some good ones after the fact.

Angela and her new rock!
Angela I'm so excited for you and can't wait for you to start your journey with Marcos. So excited I got to be there for that; love ya and see you soon!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Like a school girl!

I feel so giddy (hence the title of this post) because of all the fun things coming up this month!
I finally get to meet my best friends fiancee, and see them so cute and in love! Then Tom and Ashley are coming to visit( I hope they still are) and we'll go to Disneyland. Then we get to go see Greg's youngest brother get married, and see all the family that we haven't seen in almost two years! So yah just wanted to blurt that out cause I'm excited! P.S. not to rub it in to those in cooler climates, but it was a beautiful 75 degrees today, so that put me in a good mood!
Sorry Allyson, I also get to see my brother Ben and his wife Allyson! ha ha thanks for reminding me!

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Yeah! I finally finished my own project. It is very amature, but it I feel like a pro because it was hard for me. My mom gave me an old sewing machine (super old!) that works very nicely for my basic sewing needs, and viola! here it is...

(P.S. there's our new ottomen)

I guess what moved me to finally finish this was that I got a job at 24 hour fitness, so I wanted to do it before I got busy. Don't worry I already gave myself a pat on the back ; )

Thursday, February 4, 2010

So funny

I guess BYU-Idaho loves my husbands face(who wouldn't; )! He has been on the website twice and in the alumni magazine. I just think its so funny, but if you're interested here is the link:

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I can't believe this guy is leaving for his mission in four days! He's the baby of the family and he's the last on both sides of our family to go. Scott is such an awesome young man and I can't wait for him to go on his mission and gain such amazing life changing experiences. We will miss you, love you scotty!