Sunday, September 7, 2008

Swapp Family vacation

This is our fun Swapp family vacation, on the Outter Banks of North Carolina. We were right on the beach and that was all we did, which is what I loved. Such a beautiful place.

I don't even need to say anything he(Maxwell) is so cute!
These next four pictures were taken by Madeline, such a big girl now I can't believe it.

This was taken off a pier at sunset so pretty, All Greg could think about were the sharks that were in the water down below.

These are our family pictures. Ashley is very talented and her page looks more professional.

It took a little while for us to take a good shot...

But it turned out alright.

It's just us cute Swapp girls.

I clicked a picture of the house we stayed at on the beach, it was so fun.

This is the golf Course that Greg wanted to live on, so I said only if I could have this house. It was a really amazing golf course.

This last picture has nothing to do with the Swapp family vacation, but it was the end of our summer fun so I just added it( I also didn't want to do another post). This is at my Dad's day care center for genentech. He is really proud of it and shoud be, it was an amazing place; good job Dad it looks awesome.

Anyway this will be my last blog for a while, sine I will be taking 22 credits, but I'll try to slip one in. Wish me luck, Please!

more pictures

We had a fun family outting to the city; first stop was the exploritorium. Luke and Greg had a blast, we all had fun being like kids again.
I finally got Greg to Sausalito, my favorite little place near the city.
isn't my mother just an angel?

We love uncle Greg.

Of course we had to get Luke some ice cream and he was loving it.

These pictures are so hilarious and cute. We were sitting in a park in Sausalito, when all of the sudden Luke starts talking off his clothes, Ambyr thought he was hot so helped him out of them. But Luke wanted it all off! He wasn't naked long, but he still kept running around like a free spirit. He is just too cute, and funny!

It was a nice day, but this is so typical San Fran weather! The fog rolled in and turned cold, but only after we enjoyed our nice sunny day.
On our first day back to San Fran after our stay in Irvine, Ambyr wanted to celebrate her birthday at the beach, so here we are celebrating at the beach.

This one is called little boy vs. Ocean
Such a cute little muffin!
This is how many pictures it takes for Greg and I to look good together in one photo.
still don't think we took one where we both look okay. Ha oh well we had fun.

These next few are lovers at sunset.

The final product!Anyway Ambyr is such a great mother, wife, sister, and friend. Anyone who comes into her life will be blessed by her friendship. It was such a fun birthday Ambyr, hope you had fun too! Love ya.