Tuesday, August 24, 2010

19 weeks!

Well I thought I would put up my first bump shot for anyone who cares! Mostly its for my own record keeping. (And I included a picture of Greg and his new kobe shoes he got for his birthbay)
I'm not getting too sick anymore, but my stomach always feels like its churnning. Now I get heartburn, and a huge appetite! I felt the baby move a week ago, and it was so crazy to me. It was a hard kick or elbow and it made me jolt my leg. I know I'm going to have a fighter; he/she will be a tough one. It really is a miracle happening in there!

We will find out on September 2nd what we are having! So this is all I can think about right now! If you have any guesses leave a comment!

Either way I will be a happy momma!