Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December 30th

Caution: this is a little sappy and gushy, and not intended for to make people feel like they have to leave a comment about it, it is just me feeling the writting powers ooze out of me about my husband and three years.

Well it all started with me hating the fact that BYU-Idaho was the only school that accepted me. I really didn’t want to go! And it all started with someone saying that hey if that’s the only one that let you in then you’re ment to meet someone there. Boy, were they right! I first saw Greg in the library and I thought to myself and my roommate Ashley that I wish a guy like that would ask me out! Low and behold he came to my apartment that night as a wing man. I don’t want to sound sappy and ridiculous, but when we went on our first date I knew he was going to be in my life. I used to think it must be impossible to find the one person you’re going to spend eternity with. Now that I have found him I count my lucky stars, or blessings. And I love the country song “I thought I loved you then” especially the part where he says “How can I love you more, but I’ve said that before”. So incredibly true, and exactly how I feel. Happy Anniversary Greg.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Thanksgiving was so fun up in the Bay Area with the fam. We had a great time and lots of great food. Here's a peek.

I love these kiddos, can't get enough of them!

He's a natural ; )

It was so exciting to find out where my little brother is going on his mission. I can't believe he's going, it was just yesterday that we learned to play our first computer game. Anyway Pittsburg watch out for Scott, Scotty, Treps. Love ya Scott I know you'll do good!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Pillow Project

So I am not very sewing savy but I'm halfway through this project and I'm very excited about it.
Here is a preview. I still don't know how I want to arrange them on the pillow, but if anyone has any ideas pass them along.

I either want to do a square or cirrcular pattern. Anyways this is my little project, its fun and even I can do it!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall is in The Air!


I love the fall, and even though the weather is always sunny down here you can still feel the slight changes that reflect the season.
Some resaons why I love the fall are:
I get to light apple and spice candles, I bake more, I read more and do crafty things, and I get to see Family!

In fact Greg's Parent's came into town Conference weekend and we gave them the grand tour of Irvine, (mostly we played tennis and ate, two things I love). We had such A great time, the beach was beautiful, and they are so sweet. Jayne even got me started on the project I'm undertaking. I going to make some pillows for my couch finally. I got this very cute idea from my sister-by -love Ashley. She's doing a quilt of these yoyo things (I don't know exaclty what to call them) and I loved it so I thought I would try a pillow since I have no skills in sewing department.
anyways I'll post pictures of it when I'm done. Anywawys thanks Ashley for teaching me how to do it and thanks Jayne for giving me the jump start.

Good shot for taking it ourselves! Here is the Beautiful Newport beach

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Well this girl has finally got herself a job, and though it is not in hospital adminitration I really like it and I'm learning a ton. I work for a personal injury law firm as a case manager assistant and its very interesting; we get a lot of intesting people too. I also call a ton of medical providers all day long so it feels like I'm very close to hopitals.
Anyway Labor day was great with Greg's fam, wish we had pictures, but oh yah I only had 25 minutes to pack!!We love family and can't wait to see them again! As always I wish we had more time with them.
I think that's about all for updates, that was boring huh? Well better boring and safe than eventful and disaterous.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

Here is what we have been up too since the finish of my education, its been lots of fun!
Some June Fun!
Greg and I were able to spend a weekend in San Diego with the family, it was a June Birthday Bash! The girls all went to a tea party!

This wasn't just any kind of tea party, it was a princess Ariel tea party (she is my favorite princess by the way so I was thrilled) Hannah was so cute and such a good little princess. We had a blast, Ariel even sang, it was so fun to be like a kid again.
Then we celebrated the June birthday's including: Joshie, Seth, Tiffany and myself.
It was so cute Josh didn't like the string from the hat and it was in the way of him blowing out the candle.
We had yummy cupcakes from this place called cupcakes squared. They were rich and filling! As you can tell we loved them! It was a great weekend.

The 4th of July
We had a nice surprize this weekend when Greg got friday off and we were able to go to Vegas and meet up with some of our favorite people Tom and Ashley. This was my first time going and it was fun. It was a little too hot and a little dirty, but hey that's what Vegas is all about right? just kidding, we saw great hotels, got in some great shopping (sorry about the purse Ashley, maybe someday soon ; ) we even saw the Trevi fountain, amazing! I was glad we were able to be with family on the 4th.

The Brothers

Thanks for the fun Tom and Ashley, lets do it again soon!

Friday, June 5, 2009

And here are some pictures!

This is at the staples center with our good friends Jimmy and Ann-Marie!

Luke was so cute with his new baby sister. He was very tender and protective of her.

And here she is Grace, so Beautiful! She was so calm and very hungry

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Wow! Time has flown, I still have one final left, but then I'm done! I feel a little lost right now, I know I want a job right now, but I don't know what I want to do! Oh well I'll figure it out.
I was able to go to SF this past weekend and see my best friend Angela home from her mission and see my new beautiful baby niece. It was such a fun trip to see everyone and watch my cute little nephew Luke.

When I got home all I wanted to was sleep and relax on my birthday. My sweet husband sent me roses and the next day we went up for a romantic gettaway at the Four Seasons Hotel. He is too sweet!

And I finally watched Twilight on my birthday, and I thought it was good, the book is better, but I still liked the movie.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

I know I'm late on this as well, but I do have amazing mothers in my life.

My mother-by-love is an beautifu, amazing woman, and I am so lucky to have married into this family.
She has been an angel to me, and been super mom to all her boys, Love you Jayne!

There is also my mother, what a great mother she has been and continues to be to me. She has done so much in raising me right, I appreciate all you do mom. You are beautiful inside and out and everyone knows it. I know Grandma was a very exceptional mother to you, because she was a great grandmother to me, and you followed her footsteps. Can't wait to learn much more from you.

Love, love, love you mom.

Also I can't forget my sisters out there, Ambyr you're the reason I had a beautiful wedding, and you're a great mom. Jenn you are an example to me of motherhood with all your darling kids. Becca you do a great job with Hannah and Josh. To the rest love ya and keep it up! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

Happy Birthday Honey!

I know I'm late since Greg's Birthday was on Friday, but better late than never!

Greg is the sweetest husband, and he is so patient with me. I'm so glad he was brought into this world and I was lucky enough to find him. He never wants to make a big deal out his Birthday, but I am anyways. Here's to a good 25 years and many more, Love you!

Monday, April 27, 2009


I'm doing this now before I forget! This weekend was so nice. Even though the weather wasn't the greatest the temple grounds were beautiful and so was Allyson. Ben and Allyson are so adorable and happy, and we are so happy for them.

It was so fun to see Heather and Sam.

I just loved how happy and excited Ben was to be married, he is such a sweet brother, love him!

As you can see Allyson looked so beautiful in her dress,

and I loved the dresses she picked out for us. Thanks!

I wish I had more pictures, but the day was very busy and fast. The reception was perfect and it was so great to see many cousins That I haven't seen in a while, as well as old friends. The day was lovely and I wish them the best: Love you Ben and Allyson!

Who's next?

Friday, April 17, 2009

What we have been doing!

Well I have been absorbed in school and I am almost to the finish line. We have had some fun things happen over these past two months. First and very exciting Greg's brother, Lance, came home from his mission in Tokyo. It was great to listen to the wonderful stories he had, and there were plenty since he is 6'7'' among plenty of shorter Japanese people. He looks great and we surprized everyone by coming out for his homecoming. We had a blast with the fam.


Still tall as ever.

Of course the boys had to go out and play ball with the neighborhood boys, they're only 10 years older them, so cute.

We took a long drive by the coast finally! It was beautiful.

Tyler, Ambyr and Luke came down for a fun weekend, love them, we had such a great time. We got up to Hollywood, and that's the last time I'm going, it's too crowded.

Luke and I got to play a round of golf in the front yard, he is very good and very cute. Ambyr looks great, and I can't wait to see the baby when she comes!
Next post will be Ben's Wedding, can't wait.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our Irvine Place

So I finally got my act together and took some pictures of our place! Here it goes, I know you're dying to see ; ).

Yes I let Greg pick out the colors of our towels, go cougars!

Night time view

Daytime veiw

So there is the humble abode, I'm still getting used to the idea that we are staying here for awhile. I'm still doing school and learning some good stuff (especially my institute class), but excited to be finished. Greg is doing well at his job, and enjoys it. We got called to family history center trainers and are learning lots! Anyways that's life for now!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

So here is how we spent our Christmas break:

We have some amazing friends we made in Rexburg and we are going to miss them all. Alisha and Adam we are going to miss you guys! We had so much fun with you guys and we can't wait to see your baby when "it" comes.

Then we made the treck to our new place here in Irvine, CA. It's all unpacked and put away now, but is was a mess when we left for San Francisco. I'll post another one when we have everything up.

We got up to the Bay area and had so much fun with my family.
My little nephew turned Three! He is so big now and so in love with trains. "uncle Greg, can blah blah blah trains!" as he brings you the iphone to look up trains on you tube. Love him.

But don't get to close if you're not the one helping him look up the trains. I like to think he is sweetly touching my chin and not pushing me away.

Just the fam hanging out.

It's not a real family get to together if there is no wrestling. Especially with uncle Ben!

This is my sweet cousin Taylor; she really is a doll.

These houses were all decked out, I loved it, the whole block went all out!

Yes we did a little rocking out to rock band.

After Christmas we went on a beautiful hike of San Bruno mountain. Great veiw.

I love having a sister-by-love from the Bay area. We got to have breakfast with Tom and Ashley before the new year, it was good to see them.

Anyway for new years Greg and I decided to get sick, so it was a blast! We got to see Allyson, Ben's fiance, and had a great time with her. We also celebrated our two year anniversary, man we are old. We had a fun break and I am so grateful for wonderful friends, family and a loving husband. We had a great 2008, we'll see what unfolds in 2009!