Sunday, January 11, 2009

So here is how we spent our Christmas break:

We have some amazing friends we made in Rexburg and we are going to miss them all. Alisha and Adam we are going to miss you guys! We had so much fun with you guys and we can't wait to see your baby when "it" comes.

Then we made the treck to our new place here in Irvine, CA. It's all unpacked and put away now, but is was a mess when we left for San Francisco. I'll post another one when we have everything up.

We got up to the Bay area and had so much fun with my family.
My little nephew turned Three! He is so big now and so in love with trains. "uncle Greg, can blah blah blah trains!" as he brings you the iphone to look up trains on you tube. Love him.

But don't get to close if you're not the one helping him look up the trains. I like to think he is sweetly touching my chin and not pushing me away.

Just the fam hanging out.

It's not a real family get to together if there is no wrestling. Especially with uncle Ben!

This is my sweet cousin Taylor; she really is a doll.

These houses were all decked out, I loved it, the whole block went all out!

Yes we did a little rocking out to rock band.

After Christmas we went on a beautiful hike of San Bruno mountain. Great veiw.

I love having a sister-by-love from the Bay area. We got to have breakfast with Tom and Ashley before the new year, it was good to see them.

Anyway for new years Greg and I decided to get sick, so it was a blast! We got to see Allyson, Ben's fiance, and had a great time with her. We also celebrated our two year anniversary, man we are old. We had a fun break and I am so grateful for wonderful friends, family and a loving husband. We had a great 2008, we'll see what unfolds in 2009!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Love to learn new things!

Ok so I have been meaning to do this all semester long since I have been taking really interesting classes for my major of exercise science. I’m just going to throw out some random facts, and tid bits, you can take em or leave em. I just found these things to be interesting and many of you may already know them. Here goes:

1. When you are trying to loose weight the best way is to decrease your diet by 250 to 500 Calories and loosing only 1-2 pounds per week. 30 min of workout maintains, while 45-60 min looses weight. has a good food processor to help keep track of your caloric intake.
2. This is for men out there trying to bulk up through high protein diets: excess protein is converted into fat by the body. So you need more Carbs to bulk up muscle, as well as protein.
3. If you are eating a good rounded diet (fruit, veggies, whole grain, and meat) vitamin supplements aren’t needed, (unless your doctor advises you to take them!)
4. When you start to feel thirsty you are already 2-3 % dehydrated. If you work out pretty hard make sure you get fluid in you that contains 6-8 % Carbs and 110-115mg of sodium (Gatorade does the trick).
5. When your child is 8 years check them every month for scoliosis, they can change 3-6 degrees in their spine per month, till they are 10! Much easier to correct if caught early.
6. So we have a muscle on our abs that goes across us horizontally, doing sit ups doesn’t help it. Everyday you should come up with a cue (like doing the dishes, coming to a red light or doing my hair) for yourself and bring your bellybutton to your spine. Suck it in! This will help further tighten those abs.
7. Ok last one and I’m done. Don’t let your kids sit in the ‘W’ (opposite of indian sitting, their legs are all the way out) position it might cause bone torsions in their legs, meaning there legs won’t align right.

Sorry just wanted to share some fun things, Hope you learned something heck I know I did!