Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Marriage season

Two weeks ago my best friend, from back home, got engaged, and I was there! I was suppose to pick her up at LAX and then I got a phone call from her fiance an hour before her flight, telling me hes going to propose at the airport! So I'm rushing down there and barely make it. I was the picture taker and snapped a classic shot of her face as she saw the poster, coming down from the escalator! Those pictures are on facebook, but I got some good ones after the fact.

Angela and her new rock!
Angela I'm so excited for you and can't wait for you to start your journey with Marcos. So excited I got to be there for that; love ya and see you soon!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Like a school girl!

I feel so giddy (hence the title of this post) because of all the fun things coming up this month!
I finally get to meet my best friends fiancee, and see them so cute and in love! Then Tom and Ashley are coming to visit( I hope they still are) and we'll go to Disneyland. Then we get to go see Greg's youngest brother get married, and see all the family that we haven't seen in almost two years! So yah just wanted to blurt that out cause I'm excited! P.S. not to rub it in to those in cooler climates, but it was a beautiful 75 degrees today, so that put me in a good mood!
Sorry Allyson, I also get to see my brother Ben and his wife Allyson! ha ha thanks for reminding me!