Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas time is Here!

We had such a fun Christmas party this year with our friends. We did a big dinner and dessert, with a guys against girls gingerbread house contest. We also did white elephant gifts and watched elf. It was a fun filled night and I need more pictures of it! the're coming.

The club house movie theater where we watched elf.

The girls of the party.

Ok I'm done for now till I get to our place in Irvine, and Celebrate Christmas in San Francisco! If you can't tell I'm very excited, yeah!


Wow I made it through the semester! I can't believe that I made, and it's all done. We are done with our little Rexburg town, and I'm feeling a little sad. Anyway this is major catch-up from this whole crazy semester.

Getting ready to walk.

After the whole thing.

Nicole was there, for fun!

This was all who made it out, in the freezing weather! Thanks again for coming.

This is the graduating gang, we were pretty excited and pretty tired.

Congrats Ryan. It was fun to graduate with with everyone. It was an amazing comencment with President Clark and President Uchtdorf. They had such inspirational and powerful things to say. I feel ready to take on the world and make a difference; we'll see what happens. Really though I never thought that going to Rexburg, Idaho was going to have such an impact on my life, but it did. I found my Husband and received my degree, I will never forget This place.

I know you get really cold mom so thanks for making it all the way for my special day it really meant a lot to me. You too Dad.
These are all the pictures I have, but I will get more soon!
We have awesome friends here and will miss them so much. Also the environment here in our little bubble is amazing and we know it won't be anywhere else, but we are excited to go somewhere for more than six months, and start a new adventure!