Wednesday, May 4, 2011

3 months and growing!

Well, this boy is growing fast as I'm sure every parent thinks of their own child! He loves to squeal at mommy after he's gotten his food of course, and likes to laugh in his sleep. I wonder what's so funny!

He hated the hat, but mean mommy made him wear it

This is random, but my mom's new hospital opened last month and they had face painting so of course I did it! so fun. This was suppose to be the hospital Will was born at, but they were late! At least I can say Will was born in the same hospital as me!

Will and daddy do a lot of this on the weekend:

His three month photo shoot went like this

Whats up mom!

yah I know I'm cute!

you're boring me!

this is what I got when I told him to give me angry

this was angry with a little surprise

love this little man!