Thursday, February 17, 2011

Update on Will

Mostly I just have pictures, which are more fun! At two weeks he was 9lbs 1oz (59th percentile)and 22inches (90th percentilce, don't know where that came from!) He's been super easy, but I'm expecting him to get a little more fussy; we'll see!

These polo shots are for daddy!

I'm so luckyI had the camera ready for this.

my relaxed little old man

He's pretty serious

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Little Will's birth story

So I woke up Wednesday and went to my Dr. Appointment she said I was at a 2.5cm and 70% effaced. We scheduled an induction for Sunday night, and she sent me to the hospital to do some Antepartum testing.
1:00pm Started doing the testing and the baby didn't pass the first time so I stayed awhile...
3:30pm Driving home from hospital; feeling more crampy like contractions. So I thought well, I'll shower and get things ready just in case these get more serious.

4:30 Called Greg to put him on alert. 10 mins. apart on the contractions, and my mom comes to help me focus and breathe through the contractions, which were starting to hurt a lot!
5:00 Then I told Greg to get his hinny home now!!
5:45 Contractions are 5 minutes apart, the hospital tells us they will call us back! Greg gets home and my mom tells us to just go to the hospital!
6:00 The car ride was terrible, signing in and getting monitored was torture! I was feeling a lot of back pain with every contraction. They check me and I'm at 3cm 100% effaced. So they say they will admit me (really? no duh was what I thought). Finally I get in the shower on the bouncy ball and Greg is hosing me down while he puts pressure om my back for every contraction! it was nothing I ever felt before, then pop!
700pm My water breaks like a water ballon, such a weird feeling. I get out and they check me again. 3.5cm, What the!!!! I was seriously considering drugs at this point, but my cute husband said I know you can do it, but you make the call. So I get back in the shower and moan and groan about how I can't do it!! But I keep trucking!
800pm I get tired in the shower and come out to the bed and lay on one side griping the side rails, in the worst pain! I ask them to check so I can decide about the epidural. The nurse looks at me wide eyed and says "momma you're at a 9.5". Greg was so happy for me, and the nurse called me her hero. She then has to tell the doc. to hurry back to the hospital cause I'm ready to go! So no epidural huh? holy cow, this is happening.
9ish I get the urg to push like crazy! By this point I'm screaming "ouch, ouch, ouch" because what else do I say? And I don't care how loud I am.
9:30 doc comes just in time and it seems like forever, but I finally feel that ring of fire and they tell me reach down and I feel his head, Wow! Greg was so sweet holding one of my legs being so positive and telling me how wonderful and great I am for doing this. Then I push him out at 9:47pm. They put him on my chest and his big eyes are just staring at me, and Greg and I fell in love.

I was in shock right here and probably getting my stiches, but I was so happy to finally have him

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

William Gregory Swapp, 8lbs 6oz, 20 1/2 inches long, Born 1/26/2011
Birth story coming...