Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Yes thats right people, this one is not moving out anytime soon! I'm 4 days over and it feels like forever. I'm getting a little stir crazy, and can't sleep at all! I'm totally getting contractions and lost the plug, but other than that nada. Ah feels good to vent a little. My appointment is on Wednesday and she'll tell me what she thinks, but I'm hopeing he comes tonight! Wish me luck!

Monday, January 17, 2011

39 weeks

Oh my goodness I'm ready! I'm ready to meet this little man that I've been attached to for nine months. Even with less room in there he is still so active! My mom, dad, and nephew Luke got quite the show from him as he rippled across my belly with his bum or leg for a while.

When I went to the doc's on Wednesday she said I was at 1cm 50 % effaced. Its not very much, but I was so happy to hear something was happening! Greg and I are making all the preparations and deep cleaned the car to set up the car seat.

Greg is also very excited to meet this little man. He's so cute; he feels bad that the baby has less and less room in my belly, but wants the baby to go completely full term(to be healthy). Aww mixed emotions from daddy, I love him!

And so here is my last profile picture till I head into the hospital. Pretty in pink, ha! Or just big.

And to clarify, my due date is this Friday, and I'm just waiting till he comes, no induction plans for now!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Well we passed the four year mark of marriage, and it has flown by. I still feel like we are college students dating and having fun, but I guess my pregnant belly changes that picture. So lucky to have this man as we start our little famliy.

Happy New Year from the Swapps!

P.S. I got my first rude pregnancy comment, through the mouth of one of my primary kids. Her parents were wondering if I was having twins! Parents shut up around your kids!