Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December 30th

Caution: this is a little sappy and gushy, and not intended for to make people feel like they have to leave a comment about it, it is just me feeling the writting powers ooze out of me about my husband and three years.

Well it all started with me hating the fact that BYU-Idaho was the only school that accepted me. I really didn’t want to go! And it all started with someone saying that hey if that’s the only one that let you in then you’re ment to meet someone there. Boy, were they right! I first saw Greg in the library and I thought to myself and my roommate Ashley that I wish a guy like that would ask me out! Low and behold he came to my apartment that night as a wing man. I don’t want to sound sappy and ridiculous, but when we went on our first date I knew he was going to be in my life. I used to think it must be impossible to find the one person you’re going to spend eternity with. Now that I have found him I count my lucky stars, or blessings. And I love the country song “I thought I loved you then” especially the part where he says “How can I love you more, but I’ve said that before”. So incredibly true, and exactly how I feel. Happy Anniversary Greg.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Thanksgiving was so fun up in the Bay Area with the fam. We had a great time and lots of great food. Here's a peek.

I love these kiddos, can't get enough of them!

He's a natural ; )

It was so exciting to find out where my little brother is going on his mission. I can't believe he's going, it was just yesterday that we learned to play our first computer game. Anyway Pittsburg watch out for Scott, Scotty, Treps. Love ya Scott I know you'll do good!