Friday, April 2, 2010

Marriage Season Part Deux

Just forgot some cute pics of the Swapp girls!
We had a fun time.

The beginning of this post is down at the bottom and this dumb computer won't let me move it, and I'm not typing it again! Enjoy...

This is the Sam boy, he is big and full of love.

Madaline and Ella are so cute, they cracked me up the whole trip.

Greg was loving little Max, he has a little buddy to play ball with now.

love those girls!

this is Lance and Mai, the happy couple!

She is also wearing her highest heels too, and still has at a foot of clearance!

this is her imeadiate family, she has eight brothers and sisters and
lots of cute nieces and nephews.

Da boys!

Cute little Ella and handsome uncle Greg!

Speaking of weddings we went to Utah recently for Greg's little brother's wedding. We went a few days earlier so we could spend some much needed time with the Swapp family. We were all there together finally! Greg and I got pretty attached to our darling nieces and nephews. We did fun things like rock climbing, Ella was a champ, and Ashley and I didn't do too bad ourselves. I didn't get pictures of the reception, but it was a blast and we even got to see Ben and Allyson,. such fun. Mostly we loved all the family time we had together as we celebrated such a happy time.