Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Well well well

So I have no fun cute way of announcing this, so I'll come out and just say it! Greg and I are expecting a baby, and we are very excited about it! We joined the "summer pregnancy class of 2010" because as you reading this I'm sure you're thinking of ten other people who are also having babies. Anyways we are about 12 weeks along, and our due date is January 16th.
I've been getting night time nausea, but haven't thrown up yet (knock on wood) and I'm just very tired. Cravings include: El super burrito, avacado and all fruit! I can't stand popcorn, honey, and saltines.
Greg wants a boy, I want a healthy baby and I have no inclining as to what we are having. I am leaning towards a boy; we'll see.
No pictures yet, since I just have an awkward pouch at the moment.
We found out the same day Greg got his new job offer, so we had to let everything soak in! I think its finally hitting both of us we going to have a little one, and we are overwhelmed!
So there you go, another baby story, and it's all ours.