Sunday, October 30, 2011

Time is sneaking up on me

Nine months and counting!

I don't know what his stats are, but his appointment is coming, and I'm afraid he's going to be big!
He is always turning his head sideways like this, especially when he is flirting!

He was the sweetest little octopus, and he actually was ok in his costume, no screaming fits. Thanks Ambyr!

Yes we had our first snow storm and while it was cold and wet; it was also quite beautiful.
Now as I write this post the snow is all gone, and we are waiting in the sunshine for the next dump of snow!
My mom and dad came to visit and we had a great time! I'll post some more pictures later. It is so nice to have a babysitter who you know, love and trust. Thanks mom and dad!

And here is Will loving my dad's guitar jamming session!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

8 months & update

Moving was crazy, but we are finally settled in and enjoying our new place! here are the monthly pics of the little man and I don't know his stats., but he's heavy!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Yep we are moving again! This time we'll be going to Colorado. We are excited for the new adventure, but sad to leave everyone here. Now I need to get into packing mode, nobody talk to me, ahhhh!!! Just kidding half our stuff is already packed, thanks mom and dad!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

7 months

These are my kids crazy eye lashes!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


So we took a trip to Denver a few weeks back and I only took 3 pictures, pathetic! We had a great time with Tom and Ash and her cute baby belly! We didn't do a whole lot, since it felt like Will was always sleeping and nights were tough, but we still had a great time visiting friends and family, and having Greg not work at all!!
This is Will's little girlfriend Ashlyn, they are twoish weeks apart and finally met one another and it was so fun to see our friends Mike and Leslie again! We also saw Chelsy, Casey and Griffin and had a blast, but crazy to see Griff so big already!

This was Will's first nap after the trip and was loving the puppy, I'll never leave it home again!

Here is some good ole family bonding time!

Don't mind my eighties hair do!
Like father like son, they always have their eyes closed!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

6 Months

We are in the sixth month and doing well. Will is getting such a personality and constantly moving and wiggling. He has massive quads because he always wants to stand (and he gets them from his mom, no wise cracks please : ). We are loving every second with him and can't wait for his first plane ride to Denver! Hopefully all goes well.

And here are the stats. for the big man:
Height: 27in, 77th percentile
Weight: 17lbs 10oz, 50th percentile

We finally started solids this month, he seems to like it, but I couldn't tell at first.
When I did sweet potato and squash he loved it!

love this little boy, as he grows and grows!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

5 months

This is the little man at five months! (yes these pant are too small!)
Daddy takes care of Will while I teach primary, they get some good bonding time
Ok so we surprised my mom for her Birthday this year and had my brother and his family, down in San Diego, fly up for the occasion it was so fun!
We went to DeYoung museum and saw the Picasso and Balenciaga exhibits. They were so much fun, then we had lunch after and poor Will really wanted uncle Tyler's hot dog!
We then headed to Stow Lake for a paddle boat ride.
After the City we went to La Colina Italian restaurant and we gave her a photo book of her and her famliy, it was such a fun day and my Mom deserves it, love her!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

4 months

Weight: 14 lbs 13oz (50%), height 26in (85%)
I was so excited to find the bumbo on craigslist for 18 bucks including the tray, and he's warming up to it nicely!

This kid is just talking all day to me, its so funny. He's even yelling at me now! He can turn from his stomach to back, and he loves standing.

I think Will looks pretty manly, but he got called a girl twice today while wearing this! Funny people. Wills is finally in his crib most nights and still wakes up about three times during the night, but its nice to have a schedule, and feel like I can do other things in my life. Let the juggling begin!

this ones for Papa! thanks Dad!