Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I know I have born and raised in California, but I have never felt an earthquake! Not that I remember anyways( I was two for the 1989 one). Honestly I was scared to death, it's such a powerless feeing and you don't know how much it will shake or when it will stop. This brings a whole new meaning to me when I read in the scriptures that the Lord causes the earth to shake, its scary! This one was in L.A. it was 5.8, but for us here in Irvine it was only a few seconds and not very bad. I called Greg right away, once my service was working, and he calmed me down. Anyway I am a true Californian now.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Coming to a close

The time has flown by so fast here! I'm happy to say the Greg still loves his internship we'll see in a few weeks if we are coming back here. They might make him an offer or we might get a better one somewhere else. Anyway I finish school next wednesday and I have to say five week sessions are intense, I don't want to do it again! I should be studying right now for finals, but I can't focus for the life of me, so what else better to do then blog ; ) I have to put in my two weeks notice at wells Fargo tomorrow and I'm a little sad, only because I like the branch there very much (sounds like a chrurch term Huh?) But in case I had any doubt about if I liked being a bank teller or not it's confimed I don't. After school my agenda will be as follows: part-time work, Packing slowly and not very much stuf, and then I'm hitting the pool and the workout room as much as I can. This is so i can be ready for vacation, sounds like I'm getting a head start; Greg and I are also trying to become tennis pros. It's never going to happen for me. Anyway I hate writing too much and I still can't post pictures! When I get back to school be prepared for many. For now I'm waiting for our stay here in Irvine to come to a close and vacation to start.