Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Facts about me:
1. I like to color in a kids coloring book!
2. I get road rage sometimes, but I'm getting better
3. I love watching the sound of music!
4. I've read atlas shrugged and the fountainhead both by Ayn Ryan and both
Very good.
5. I'm the achievement days leader, those girls are crazy
6. If I move my leg a certain way my knee cap pops out of place
And it hurts!!!!
7. One summer at girls camp, Angela and I acted like nut bags
just to get those girls excited to be there, ridiculous girls!
8. I put on the Jillian michaels workout DVD to keep Will
entertained while I finished getting ready, he loves it!
9. I brought my own lunch to school almost everyday from
kindergarten to college!
10. I could seriously eat a whole pan of cornbread by myself!!

Angela's questions:
  1. If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do, where would you go, and what would you eat? I would be with my little family and spend the day at the beach And top it off with some Ghiradelli chocolate!
  2. Nsync or Backstreet? (Cuz were in 6th grade again, ok?) backstreet boyz!! They came first and were better.
  3. Why in your opinion is Rihanna singing songs with Chris Brown who beat her to a pulp? (this has been on my mind lately!) publicity, I don't know.
  4. Who is your favorite president and why? George Washington, if you've read 1776 you know why, he was an amazing person. Also Abe can't forget what that guy did for this country.
  5. If you could travel on an all expenses paid dream vacation and could only take 4 ppl with you, who would you go with and where would you go? I would take Greg, William, myself and a nanny! We would go to Europe, specifically Greece, or wherever they filmed mamma Mia!
  6. If you could relive one moment from your life (any event, small moment or even a day) what would that be? The day I gave birth to Will. I know it hurt like heck, but holding him in my arms for the first time is something so special I cry every time I think about it. And when I was sealed to Greg for eternity.
  7. All time favorite meal? Fish tacos from Rubios! I got them all the time when I was prego, yumm
  8. Madonna or Janet? (tough one, I know) Janet.
  9. If you were a celebrity and could name your child something crazy like "Blue Ivy" what insane name would you come up with? -be creative! I would name her Starla because I want her future husband to say that he comes home to Starla at night.
  10. Where are you living and what is the most exciting thing going on in your life right now? We are in Boulder, Colorado and I have a crazy 15 month old! That's all the excitement I need
  11. What is your worst fear/phobia? To crash in an airplane over water and be eaten by sharks! Aren't you?!!

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