Monday, April 23, 2012

Estes Park

So Greg and I were able to go on a little getaway trip this past weekend while Greg's parents watched Will! This was my first time away from Will, and it was only two days, but I still missed him! This break was much needed and I'm so thankful to my in-laws for taking care of Will.

Rocky Mountain National Park(elv. 11,000+ Ft.)
It was so beautiful in Rocky Mountain National Park! And cold and windy, hence the hair. Or its just my glamor shot! This drive is so beautiful, we must be getting old because we like to take long drives. Its was very peaceful and inspiring to see all this beauty. I felt like Maria from the sound of music. I wanted to sing the hills are alive, seriously!

The Stanley Hotel, The Shining was not filmed here, but this is where Stephen King got his inspiration for the book, it is very old and creaky; not to mention creepy! You can hear everything through the walls. I didn't sleep very much because I am a pansy, and we watched just a little of the Shining (which they have a whole channel dedicated to playing the movie 24/7) and that was enough to freak me out. Combine that with missing Will and I was a wreck at night! Its a beautiful building though, lots of weddings here.

Greg carved our name in wood so we will always remember... so cheesy I know!
Greg thought this was so funny that there was Chinese food right near a dog grooming place, not very appetizing.

I don't why I'm super posing in this picture, oh well look at that view! beautiful place. It reminds me a little of Lake Tahoe, which is dear to me from my childhood. Love the hubs for taking me here, so sweet!


Adam & Leesha Wickern said...

awww, we miss you guys!! You look so adorable! Dar, move back here and be my work out buddy...I need someone to whip me into shape!

Lauren said...

You're cute!