Monday, February 4, 2013

Here goes little Vera Darlene Swapp's birth story!
I woke up Friday morning at 6am with crampy like contractions that were about ten mins apart. I waited for an hour then got up and got ready, packed my bag and did some laundry. My mom and dad were here so we were going to go the Park and target then go get checked at the Drs. Office. In the car my mom and my contractions changed my mind and we went straight to the Drs! It was about 10am when we got there and the doc said I was at a 5cm and 90% effaced, then she asked if I wanted to strip my membranes. I look at Greg and we both say sure. Ouch, it was quick, but boy did it hurt! Then she sent us straight over to the hospital and we checked in and got monitored. At 11am-12pm they let me walk around the halls while my mom rubbed my back for every contraction. After I get monitored again they set up the tub for me and I'm in there from 1245-145pm. This is when my contractions get intense but the water felt good and Greg was so sweet holding my hand to squeeze it to death and giving words of encouragement. Then I get tired so back to more monitoring and then I sit on the bouncy ball with my mom rubbing my shoulders and Greg rubbing my lower back. My sister-in-law Mai came and was sweet to help me through some contractions. I'm waiting for my water to break but nothing is happening! Finally they check me and I'm at an 8 and 100%! Then I decide to have the Dr. break my water. When she finally comes and breaks the water, I immediately get the urge to push!!
The Dr. said go ahead, I did and she said wait, stop stop stop. She had to gown up and I was hysterical that she wouldn't let me push!! Finally I can push so I give about three pushes and her head is out! One more and I'm done! 2:49pm shes out, Hallelujah! They put her little cream cheese body on me and she starts wailing! Finally we had our princess Vera! 7lbs11oz 20.5in long.


Paul and Susan said...

You will be glad in the future that you recorded the details of her birth. It is amazing how you forget things after a few years. Congratulations on a beautiful baby girl! And I love her name!

ashley said...

oh i love her!!!! cute name!!! miss youuuuuuu mommaa!!! come to DC!